Risk To Bloom: Yoga Retreat

Risk to Bloom is a retreat for women and men looking to immerse themselves in a long weekend of yoga practice, cleansing organic food and connection with a supportive community. We will step away from our daily stresses  to embrace aspects of movement and stillness. Let’s light up our lives, gain motivation and find balance together at The Wheel of Bliss Retreat Center in Hot Springs, NC. There are only 15 spaces available and we can’t wait for you to join us May 9-May 12. sign up now to secure your spot. 

with Lauren Danner and Karen Pride

May 9-12 in Hot Springs, NC at Wheel Of Bliss Retreat Center

Each day we will nourish our bodies with healthy meals and yoga asana. We will nourish our minds with meditation, reflection, and yoga nidra. We will nourish our souls with mindfulness practices and authentic connection. 

Day one: planting seeds

   Planting seeds takes a certain amount of preparation; creating a nurturing foundation by clearing and weeding, choosing what seeds will be planted and creating a level of organization to our cultivation. Our first day together will be focused on tending to where you're stuck and the seeds you've already planted so that we can start fresh in our lives and perspectives.  

Day two: growing roots

On our second day together, we will learn how to dig deep into the roots of our intentions, recognize what blocks the roots from anchoring us, and how to keep these roots healthy beneath us. How can you root into your intentions, goals and aims in a sustainable way. 

Day three: align and nourish

On our third day together, we will tilt our heads to the light and bask in what feeds our authentic souls. How can our lives, our intentions, and our work be filled with a sustainable passion? We will set systems in place that cultivate enthusiasm in your life.

Day four: risk to bloom

    Every opportunity for growth requires risks and boundaries. Through practice, meditation, and reflection you will clarify and define what risks you're willing to take. 

$675 for all accommodations, yoga and food if payment is sent through venmo to @laurendanner 

$700 for all accommodations, yoga and food if payment is sent through MINDBODY online (merchant and transaction fees included for credit card payments) 

DEADLINE to sign up is April 23, 2019.

What’s included:

-3 nights accommodation at a serene and joyous retreat house in Hot Springs, NC called the Wheel of Bliss. Arrive between 2-4 pm Thursday, May 9 and check out Sunday, May 12 at 1pm

-Morning and evening yoga classes, Yoga Nidra, Guided Meditation, Journaling, and mindfulness activities

- All meals (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners), snacks, and desserts.

-Water, coffee, and tea

-Free time

What’s not included:

-Massage add on

-Private yoga lessons


The total for the long weekend is $675 per person paid through venmo to @laurendanner or $700 through MINDBODY online with a credit card. Please secure your spot by 4/25/19, and while we can not offer refunds on cancellations, you are welcome to find someone to go in your place if you must forfeit your spot. To sign up please email Lauren Danner: Sculptedlotus@gmail.com


Lauren Danner

Your Teacher:

Lauren Danner is a student of life who thrives on community and authentic connections. She’s been known to be persistent, loyal, creative, and toting a cup of coffee in her hands most of the day. Lauren has found yoga as a means to practice the sincerest expressions of gratitude, cultivate enthusiasm for life, and live as an expression of love. Diverse experience is something she has acquired that has led to her unique style and yoga philosophy. Her yoga classes are a sustainable practice in the moment and long term by incorporating strength, mobility, and flexibility. Expect to move energy through breath, intention, meditation, and yoga postures. @sculptedlotusyoga


Karen Pride

Your Chef:

Karen Pride is an entrepreneur, lover of travel, creative and foodie who sometimes moonlights as a yoga retreat chef. As a former health food restaurant owner and lifelong cook, Karen has loved sharing the benefits of healthy, organic and delicious eating for many years. Karen is also the owner of Yoga Pearl in Portland, OR. Find Karen on Instagram at @karenpride and @yogapearl.