Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Classes should I start out with?

A: Beginner and Basics are the best ones to start out with. Gentle Flow moves slow enough for someone who is new to follow along.

Q: Do you have heated classes?

A: YES!! Power Vinyasa and Detox Flow classes are heated. They build endurance and you can expect to get your heartrate up!

Q: Do you have prenatal yoga classes?

A: At this time we do not have prenatal classes on the schedule since they were not well attended. Our teachers are all comfortable guiding an expecting practitioner through a modified practice; beginner, basics, and gentle flow would be good for those who are new to yoga and pregnant. If you’ve had a yoga practice, feel free to come to vinyasa. However, unless you have had an experienced power vinyasa practice, please skip the heated classes.

Q: Do you have mats to borrow?

A: Yes! We do, however it is best to purchase one as your practice grows.