Class Descriptions



Gentle Flow: A gentle sequence of standing & seated postures.  You will be guided through basic postures that flow into one another led by your breath. Props are encouraged; modifications & more challenging variations will also be offered. Level 1-2

Vinyasa: A creative sequence of postures that transition into one another. This practice builds warmth, stretches, strengthens, and creates mobility in the joints. You will witness movements and sensations through this flow practice that make you feel alive, connected, and free. All Levels

Power Vinyasa: An athletic and physically challenging practice of creative flowing poses guided by breath. The room will be heated 80-90 degrees. This practice is designed to connect our community with their inner strength, stability, & the transformative power of breath. Focus on alignment, intention, and the movement of energy through the conduit of our bodies as we acquire inspirations to take off the mat. This class is great for cross training. Level 2-3

Candlelight Flow: A late evening practice illuminated by candlelight. Light your candle & set your intention, then move energy through a meditative vinyasa practice that turns you inward. Class ends with the option to extend savasana or take a seated meditation. Level 1-3

Yin: A series of floor poses held 3-5 minutes (with props) that stretch connective tissue & fascia to increase circulation & improve flexibility. This type of practice helps calm the central nervous system & is a great compliment to other styles of yoga practice. You’ll leave feeling renewed. All Levels

Sun & Moon: A slower & longer practice of opposition to create a balance of strength and ease in the body. You will explore core strength & muscular effort for joint stability coupled with longer held poses supported by comfortable props. This class will strengthen & mobilize the joints, release tight tissue, & bring balance back into your body. All levels

Detox Flow: A Challenging breath based practice inspired by activist Seane Corn. In a room heated between 85-90 degrees, this class includes a warm up then a three part journey of extension, contraction, and twisting to rinse toxic substances from your body & rewire your reaction to stress. Modifications will be offered. Level 2-3

Family Yoga: A class for the whole family to get connected, play, and reset. We will move through a themed practice together that will be fun & adventurous while building strength & balance. All levels/All ages

Basics: A foundational class that is helpful when starting a yoga practice or reconnecting to your yoga roots. Basic yoga postures & techniques including alignment, breathing, & yoga philosophy will be our focus. The skills learned in this class can be used in all yoga classes as well as in your life.  All Levels

Prenatal: A prenatal & postnatal class to build strength & flexibility. You can expect to learn postures to ease your aches and pains, learn breathing techniques, mantras, & visualization to ease anxiety and prepare you for birth. If postnatal, feel free to bring your baby with you if they’re not cruising yet! All levels

Yoga Tots: A class that runs in 6 week sessions that focuses on connecting with your tot through playful yoga, pretend play, sensory play and art. Tot yoga is sold as a package for the whole 6 week focus series or a drop in. Please dress your tot in comfortable play clothes that may get messy and come prepared to play and participate alongside your tot! Ages 18 months- 5 years