Why "Sculpted Lotus Yoga"

"You are the masterpiece of your own life."-- Dr. Joe Vitale

I have always held the belief that we can create the kind of life that we would like to live by choosing what we put into our space. When I was younger, I loved focusing on things so intently that the rest of the world seemed to fall away. I used to listen to The Cranberries while laying on the floor in candle light and became entranced by the present moment after the repetitive thoughts ceased. I would create art, whether it was collage, fiber arts or sticking my hands in paint and smearing it around; the world fell away and I was able to choose what I accepted in my space in that moment. 

The concept of sculpting our lives came to me a long time ago as I contemplated where I wanted to go and what I felt I needed to feel successful in life. I held the image that my own life is like a ball of clay that can be molded and shaped out anyway that I choose and if the sculpture that resulted was not what I wanted it to be, I could squish it all up and start over again. Which I have done over and over again. Others can certainly leave an impression on our sculpture as well, however it doesn't have to remain unless we allow it to hold space. There are times when it is necessary to design alone and other times that it is imperative that we receive some molding and artistic assistance from those we love and trust.

The lotus flower is resilient. It is brought to life from the murky mud, it's waxy petals repel the stains, it thrives and even appears to shine despite the circumstances that lay below. It is remarkable to me that such a magnificent flower thrives in such conditions. I felt too that there had been some exceptionally muddy times in my life that I could choose to shine up against and thrive in spite of.  

So, here we are: regardless of what you have chosen in the past, or who has imprinted on your life, you have the choice to begin whenever you would like and shine. That is what my yoga has done for me, and this is a lesson that I frequently carry off of the mat. Sculpted Lotus Yoga Studio in Summerville, SC.

Life is a work of art designed by the one who lives it.